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Servpro is an established construction, architectural and energy firm with offices in Norton, Zimbabwe. Specializing in planning, design and development projects for hospitals, schools, dommestic and commercial housing projects and universities, the company is well-respected after years of successful operations. Getweb was selected to develop an all-new brand identity that better reflected the company’s ethos, and express it across key communications components. Beginning with brand positioning, we established a strong concept: Design-Forward. Design-forward is both philosophy and methodology that clearly defines how a brand thinks and works.

The Challenge

In an increasingly competitive market, Servpro had a lot of boxes to check.

First and foremost, we had to craft a new brand that stood out among a slew of competitors, most of which were using similar vocabulary and vying for similar customers. That would take a carefully crafted visual identity and the messaging to carry it. If Servpro wasn’t clear on exactly who it was, customers wouldn’t be either.

Servpro Cards
Servpro profile

Norton Offices & Headquarters

1st Floor, Beamoff Building, Cornmarket Crescent, Norton, Zimbabwe
T: +263 (77) 2498 018

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